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2012-05-06 - 12:21 p.m.

Well like my last 5 million entries. I'm still alive. I'm getting married, starting grad school. I bought a multi unit building. So now i'm a landlord. I'm still with the same old job. Hurray. I've aged so much since I regularly wrote here. But I'm still buds with G-Money (who is engaged) and Talkshow (who is married and expecting). BB and I drifted apart though. That is pretty sad. I miss the old days. Joking, getting drunk and watching movies, Playing rampage for all hours of the night. And of course pulling off the porn shop trifecta's. I still regularly wear the fleece she helped me pick out 8 years ago at old navy. It was one of the last times we hung out. It still stings a little when I put it on. BB I'm sorry... I didn't treat you right. Thanks for all the fun. You helped shape the person i am now. For that I am thankful. I hope you have found lasting happiness in your marriage.

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